Stocking Rate
Recommended stocking rate is a maximum of 1″ of Goldfish or 1.5″ of Koi per square foot of surface area. Be sure to allow for growth and reproduction (Koi grow very rapidly). A large population of fish and overfeeding may result in an unbalanced pond with poor water quality. A large fish population may require extra filtration. Biofiltration is necessary when fish numbers are high. See our selection of filters and our information on filters. Overstocking puts stress on the fish, and stressed fish are disease prone. (see our fish selection)

Feeding Your Fish
Fish will naturally consume mosquito larvae and other insects in the water. If fish are fed regularly at the edge of the pond, they will soon become tame and approach visitors. Feed once per day only as much as will be consumed in 5 minutes. DO NOT OVERFEED! Excessive feeding will lower the water quality and fish are likely to become sick. Fish eat less in cool water (i.e. early spring and fall), as their metabolism slows down. Low protein foods may be fed at this time. Do not feed when water temperature drops below 10°C. (see fish food)